Thyrix: A simulator for articulated agents capable of manipulating objects

Razvan V. Florian
Center for Cognitive and Neural Studies (Coneural)
Str. Saturn 24, 400504 Cluj-Napoca, Romania



This paper describes a new simulator, Thyrix, designed for embodied cognitive science research. The simulator supports 2D agents having articulated arms, capable of manipulating objects from the environment and also of moving in the environment. The agents have sensors for vision, proprioception, and also tactile sensors distributed on the surface of their body. The simulator supports contact detection and resolution, and friction. It uses a simplified, Aristotelian mechanics, but can be easily extended to classical, Newtonian mechanics (and also to 3D). We present reasons for using such a simulator and describe design and implementation characteristics.

Technical Report Coneural-03-02. PDF (185 KB)

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