Coneural Technical Reports

ISSN 1841-4974


Coneural-05-01M. Preda, R. V. Florian, Simple iterative algorithm for contact force computation.


Coneural-04-02R. V. Florian, Evolution of alternate object pushing in a simulated embodied agent: Preliminary report.
Coneural-04-01R. V. Florian, D. Dumitrescu, Far-from-equilibrium computation.


Coneural-03-03R. V. Florian, Biologically inspired neural networks for the control of embodied agents.
Coneural-03-02R. V. Florian, Thyrix: A simulator for articulated agents capable of manipulating objects.
Coneural-03-01R. V. Florian, Autonomous artificial intelligent agents.